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Long, Long Ago - Various Soloists

long long ago

Long, Long Ago

A Collection of Vintage Solos for Cornet, Trombone & Euphonium/ featuring James Scott, Bert Sullivan, James Sepherd, Phillip McCann, Ted Gray, Lyndon Baglin and many more.





As a regular reviewer, this particular CD is without doubt the most difficult one for anyone of us to review because we are witnessing 15 of England’s most revered soloists, whose brilliance is even more exemplified by the fact that all these tracks have been taken from  LP Recordings from 1958 to 1973, and therefore free from any technical ‘studio enhancement’

After listening intensely to these soloists, particularly the ones I had played with or against during our contesting days, I really do feel inadequate (as I’m sure most listeners would) to proffer any form of criticism to these Maestros!

Sadly, several of our guests have now passed on, yet they have all left an incredible mark together with their colleagues on the art of ‘solo playing’

I recall the comments by David Read at the conclusion of the recent Grand Shield when saying  “I think we may have lost some of the art of expressive and well phrased melodic lines”. How true are his remarks!

Perhaps there may be a couple of less familiar names on this program, yet their contribution towards such a well balanced and superb quality of performance cannot be underestimated. Brilliant solo playing is often marred by lower quality band accompaniments, therefore outstanding credits are due to all supporting bands and MD’s.

The Euphoniums of Bert Sullivan, David Moore, Lyndon Baglin, Trevor Groom, Harry Mather, Barry Perrins and John Clough are all quite remarkable, whilst Maxwell Thornton with Angels Guard Thee and Kenneth  Dennison playing Serenata demonstrate wonderful art of sensitive trombone playing.

Now add the incredible skills of our cornet legends  Derek Garside, John Berryman, Teddy Gray, Phillip McCann, and James Shepherd , and you now have a remarkable CD full of artistry, musicality and quality of sound; but my ‘rider’ to this review is to finally added the opening track by James Scott playing Carnival of Venice, recorded in 1958 in one take! This, I feel, is a complete masterclass in the art of solo playing, technique and style, absolutely outstanding.

I do hope these recordings give you as much pleasure as I have enjoyed.


1. Carnival of Venice  - James Scott (cornet) with Munn and Feltons (Footwear) Band (Harry Mortimer & Stanley Boddington) (Benedict / Staigers)  [3.38]

2. Angels Guard Thee  - Maxwell Thornton (Trombone) with Munn and Feltons (Footwear) Band (Harry Mortimer & Stanley Boddington) (Godard / Ball)  [2.26]

3. Endearing Young Charms  - Bert Sullivan (Euphonium) with Munn and Feltons (Footwear) Band (Harry Mortimer & Stanley Boddington) (Trad / Boddington)  [4.16]

4. Cleopatra  - Derek Garside (cornet) with CWS (Manchester) Band (Alex Mortimer) (Eugene Damare)  [5.13]

5. The Lazy Trumpeter  - James Shepherd (Cornet) with Black Dyke Mills Band (Jack Emmott) (Edrich Siebert)  [3.23]

6. Uno Voce Poca Fa  - John Berryman (Cornet) with GUS (Footwear) Band (Stanley Boddington) (Rossini / Wright)  [4.50]

7. Polka: Brillante  - Edward Gray (Cornet) with Fodens Motorworks Band (Alex Mortimer) (Frank Hughes)  [4.01]

8. Somewhere a Voice is Calling Me  - Phillip McCann (cornet) with Band of Yorkshire Imperial Metals (Trevor Walmsley) (Arthur Tate)  [2.38]

9. La Belle Americaine  - David Moore (Euphonium) with Grimethorpe Colliery Band (George Thompson) (John Hartmann)  [5.12]

10. Serenata  - Kenneth Dennison (Trombone) with Fairey Band (Harry Mortimer and Leonard Lamb) (Frank Hughes)  [3.08]

11. Long Long Ago  - Lyndon Baglin (Euphonium) with Brighouse & Rastrick Band (Walter Hargreaves) (Thomas Bayly / Boddington)  [3.13]

12. Beautiful Colorado  - Trevor Groom (Euphonium) with GUS (Footwear) Band (Stanley Boddington) (Da Luca / Boddington)  [3.13]

13. Lucy Long  - Harry Mather (Euphonium) with Camwell Laird Band (James Scott) (Charles Godfrey / Herbert)  [5.58]

14. Facilita  - Barrie Perrins with Hendon Band (Don Morrison) (John Hartmann / Mortimer adapted Perrins)  [6.30]

15. The Mountains of Mourne  - John Clough (Euphonium) with Black Dyke Mills Band (Geoffrey Brand) (Trad / Collisson)  [6.53]


J. Stuart Fawcett