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Divine Legacy - Winton Bournemouth Band of the Salvation Army

Divine Legacy A


Divine Legacy

Winton Bournemouth Band of the Salvation Army

BM: Norry Smith

Label: SP & S





This CD , recorded in 2012, was produced as a ‘dedication’ to all members of this band who have shared music and Christian Fellowship over 125 years.

This lovely and well chosen programme opens with Fighting for The Lord, an international prize-winning march in 1926, very much ‘Whit Friday’ style!

Power of the Cross features a beautiful lone cornet to open, and, based around the Easter period depicts quite realistically the ‘resurrection’ in a most triumphant closing statement.

William Himes, probably best known for his works Praise and Just As I Am composed this suite To The Chief Musician , which includes several well known hymn tunes ie Bread of Heaven  and is very moving music.

Londonderry Air  features Trombone soloist Campbell Smith in this wonderful haunting  Bill Geldard arrangement of this beautiful melody, and we hear some lovely solo playing together with well controlled accompaniment, albeit several intonation issues. How refreshing to also see the words to this lovely Irish melody.

Paul Lovatt-Cooper’s Fire in the Blood is a tremendously powerful and moving work as we are transported through the scriptures and Psalms in typical PLC style, culminating with a tumulous finale from Psalm 95.

That Beautiful Land arranged by Eric Ball,although only a short work, typifies in words and music the whole ethos of Christian Fellowship ---most uplifting and stirring singing.

Dean Goffin is probably best known for his ‘Rhapsody in Brass’, but here is a superb composition Light of the World featuring several lovely hymn tunes, particularly a most moving arrangement of ‘Aurelia’. This really is fine playing.

Three Kings Swing is quite familiar to most of us as a Christmas concert item based on Bizet’s Farrandole, and as such is quite a happy fun piece!

My Comfort and Strength is based on the well known hymn ‘The King of Love My Shepherd Is, and is very skilfully arranged by Brian Bowen, developing from a very sensitive first verse through to a most ‘grandioso’ finale’

El es Senor by Dean Jones has become a humorous contribution to many concert programmes, and, written in distinctive true Spanish style creates the most joyful sounds.

St Clements was composed by Andrew Blyth for the 120th anniversary of the I S B and naturally evolves around The Day Thou Gavest, and this is such a beautiful ending to this programme.

Although certainly not the I S B, and despite several tuning and balance problems, this really was a programme where the true Christian meaning of both’ words and music’ greatly surpassed minor critisism’


1. Fighting for the Lord (Emil Soderstrom)   [3.40]
2. The Power of the Cross (Paul Sharman) [3.12]
3. To the Chief Musician (William Himes) [11.13]
4. Londonderry Air (Trad. arr Bill Geldard) [5.07]
Trombone Soloist: Campbell Smith
. Fire in the Blood (Paul Lovatt-Cooper) [10.07]
6. That Beautiful Land (arr. Eric Ball) [4.37]
7. The Light of the World (Dean Goffin) [6.35]
8. Three Kings Swing (arr. William Himes) [3.53]
9.  My Comfort and Strength (Brian Bowen) [6.19]
10. I'll Walk with God (Paul Webster) [4.30]
11. El es el Senor (Dean Jones) [3.09]
12. St. Clements (arr. Andrew Blyth) [4.37]

J. Stuart Fawcett