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On A Mission - Regent Brass

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On A Mission

Regent Brass

Conductor: Alan Duguid

Silk: RBCD004






This CD 'On a Mission'  from Regent Brass in the London Borough of Brent is from a band that of recent date has been having success on a regular basis, their latest achievement, winning the London and Southern Counties area title for the Second Time. MD Alan Duguid  guides the band through a wide and varied programme with consummate ease.

Deep Harmony in the form of a march (there’s an idea) composed by the bands Solo Horn player Martin Pearce gets us up and running with great gusto closely followed by a performance of Gordon Langford’s  Rhapsody for Trombone played by Principal Trombone Tetsura Okmamura. Tetsura also gives a pleasing account of Benjamin Goddard’s Berceuse de Jocelyn later in the CD.

Japanese Slumber Song shows off the finely balanced sounds of the band and in a similar vein Aka Tombo by Yamada demonstrates the prowess and musicality of euphonium player John Gafney.

Leonard Ballentine’s Mid all the Traffic otherwise known as  “Shenandoah” one of America’s most recognisable folk tunes again showcases the full band sound.

In contrast On a Mission from God with it’s theme  “Hand Me Down My Silver Trumpet” arranged by 2nd Baritone Player Philip Doe has just the right amount of swing.

A fine performance of The Year of The Dragon (Philip Sparke) with its beautifully written Interlude section and most of the technical difficulties of the outer movements comfortably negotiated is a sure indication of just why the band is at the top of the tree.

The Children of Sanchez by Chuck Mangione arr. Reid Gilje shows another of the band’s talented array of soloists, Flugel horn player Victoria Curran in great form giving a confident performance with a classy flourish to finish.

Completing the line up of soloists is Michael O’Shaughnessy with his almost haunting sound of the Baritone in a delightfully musical rendering of Pokarekare Ana  a traditional Maori Song collected by Paraire Tomona arr. Peter Maunder.

I say a Little Prayer a classic of the 60’s by  Burt Bacharach  arr. Ray Farr evokes the sound of those times.

The Northern Lights of Aberdeen Mary Webb was arranged by MD Alan Duguid in celebration of the 50th birthday of the well respected Aberdonian brass teacher Eric Kidd.

This CD whilst not free of the occasional blemish is a good example of this  rising brass ensemble from the London Area and is to be recommended for the collection.


1. March: Deep Harmony, Martin Pearce, [3.24]
2. Rhapsody for Trompone, Gordon Langford, Trombone Soloist Tetsuro Okamura, [12.07]
3. Japanese Slumber Song, Gareth Wood, [7.17]
4. Napoli, Herman Bellstedt, arr. Andy Owenson, Cornet Soloist Barbara King, [4.54]
5. On A Mission From God, Philip Doe, [3.51]
6. Aka Tombo, Kosaku Yamada, arr. Hiroshi Yamagishi, Euphonium Soloist John Gafney,[3.28]
Year of the Dragon, Philip Sparke
7. Toccata, [3.10]
8. Interlude, [7.15]
9. Finale, [4.14]
10. The Children of Sanchez, Chuck Mangione, arr. Reid Gilje, Flugelhorn Soloist Victoria Curran, [6.17]
11. Mid All the Traffic, Leonard Ballantine, [3.08]
12. Bercuse de Jocelyn, Benjamin Godard, arr. Gordon Langford, Trombone Soloist Tetsuro Okamura, [4.58]
13. I Say a Little Prayer, Burt Bacharach arr. Ray Farr, [2.53]
14. Pokarekare Ana, Paraire Tomoana, arr. Peter Maunder, Baritone Soloist Michael O’Shaughnessy, [2.08]
15. The Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen, Mary Webb, arr. Alan Duguid, [6.49]

Des Graham

Director of Music of the Third Carrickfergus Band