Who Are We?

The NABBC is an association of conductors with various experiences from those who conduct local youth community bands through to some of the world's finest conductors.

Our aim is to provide all our members with the opportunity to reach their full potential, develop worthwhile networks, offer advice through our mentoring and endorse good practice through seminars and specialist weekend workshops.

This inclusive approach allows us to share our passion of conducting and offer others the benefit of our experiences. No individual conductor is regularly engaged at all levels of music making but together we can share and enjoy constructive guidance from which we can all benefit.

Our existing supportive package includes;

  • a dedicated Team of Mentors who will work with you to gain the knowledge you desire and deserve
  • a vital and vibrant web community with the latest information and topics you need
  • a core Music Library that holds a whole range of music donated for conductors to borrow scores

None of our Executive Board members, Regional Representatives or Technical Clinicians are paid for their work.